Why Slipper Tubs Are Trendy

Posted on May 15, 2020 By

A recent Forbes Magazine article reporting on American decorating trends said that “Freestanding bathtubs are becoming more popular since they are regarded as the centerpiece within modern bathroom design.” Manufacturers offer a wide range of freestanding models, and elegant Slipper Tubs are some of the most in-demand products. They are stylish and easy to fit into bathrooms. Tubs are deep enough to turn a bath into a spa experience. Suppliers also offer homeowners a range of models and sizes.

The Style Is Iconic

First introduced to America in the late 19th Century, slipper bathtubs are freestanding and often include ornate claw feet. Their name comes from the design since they are higher at one end than the other, like a shoe. Original tubs had to be freestanding because homes did not have indoor plumbing. Bathers poured buckets of water into tubs, which were usually located in the center of rooms. Although modern versions are made to be used with plumbing, they can still be placed nearly anywhere owners want, unlike built-in tubs.

Tubs Provide a Luxury Bathing Experience

Shoppers often choose slipper bathtubs because they add a touch of elegance to bathrooms and offer an opulent way to bathe. They are deeper than the average built-in model, so bathers can submerge in the water and enjoy a relaxing experience. The raised ends act as headrests, making it possible to lounge in water and de-stress. That is one reason freestanding slipper styles are some of the most popular styles among clients searching for soaking tubs.

Homeowners Have a Variety of Choices

While customers often choose slipper bathtubs in classic styles that replicate 19th Century versions, manufacturers offer many other options. For example, buyers may choose between acrylic or metal versions. Pedestal styles do not have the classic feet and give bathrooms a sleeker, more modern look. Customers can choose products in a range of lengths. Suppliers offer extra-long products that are ideal for tall people as well as shorter tubs that fit nicely into small bathrooms.

Many homeowners are now adding classic freestanding slipper bathtubs to homes instead of installing built-in versions. Slipper bathtubs are elegant and designed to provide a spa-like experience. They are sold in sizes, styles, and materials to suit every need.

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